Nektar Agu

A favorite amongst artists such as Barac, Arapu and Franco Cinelli to name a few, Agustin Martin aka Nektar Agu born in 1992 is a native of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his career as a musician in 2008 inspired mostly by the underground scene of countries like Romania, Russia and Germany. This development led to the culmination various influences that helped shape his sound. We’re very proud to have Nektar on board with us and hope you enjoy his artist mix as much as we have.


Coriesu interests have always been interlaced with the arts going back to the days he spent at various art schools from 1997 to 2007. Hungry for further growth and development, Coriesu found himself quickly falling in love with the underground scene in the New York City night clubs. His passion for the music first manifested itself through intricate body movement on the dance floor and now through the mind blowing sounds escaping his studio speakers. Coriesu prides himself on his ability to create original patterns, funky accidentals, and his organic sound application. The journey he creates in his production is original and the vibe unmistakable.


We’re excited to have label co-founder Rau.du deliver an outstanding 2-hour mix to us for this special edition of Osmosis Audio Presents. It was long overdue and after recently releasing his Medeco EP on the label, it was only suiting that we got to hear these musical pieces put into place as only the aficionado Rau.du could with his careful track selections, graceful programming and fluid transitions ranging from minimal to house everything in between. The Medeco EP is out now at all major outlets and packs some serious heat including 6 original tracks and a remix by Romania’s IULY.B.

Sebastian Paiza

Sebastian Paiza, a DJ by heart, producer by nature. For some, music takes priority and isn’t merely a hobby and it is his belief that music is life in the form of a melody. Colombian born, American Native, and European influenced are his motivations for making quality music that is quickly getting surprising recognition abroad this sound we call underground. However, Sebastian’s intentions is not to mention who and what his involvements are. He prefers to share his journey and the reason why he did it all in the first place, musical passion. He strongly stands by this moral, developing from as early as he can remember up until this day. So with patience and understanding of today’s musical world, he is striving to make a change- not only musically, but to what the character of underground culture is about.


Sonartek is the DJ and Production duo comprised of Niki B. & Andrea Landi from Italy. Over the years they have both accumulated a lot of inspiration from the electronic music scene. They enjoy the challenge of reworking their music using live analog hardware, organic elements and ambient atmospheres to engage their listeners. Their first remix on the label for Eder Alvarez’s track ‘Smart Thinking’ did great and convinced us that we wanted to hear more from Niki & Andrea. After exchanging countless messages, they sent us a slew of original minimal techno cuts that blew us away. We were pleased when they chose Osmosis Audio to release their two-part LP titled ‘SFARLAI’ which features some of their best work to date. It is full of dark and grungy atmospheres, abstract textures and hypnotic grooves that will take you on a sonic journey that only Sonartek could provide.

Ahmet Mecnun

Ahmet Mecnun is a Tunisian artist who began to mix music at the early age of 14. He began producing in 2008 and has released with some of the top labels in the underground scene including Osmosis Audio. His main influences come from the likes of Marco Carola, Marc Antona, Paco Osuna, and Richie Hawtin.…“My passion of playing records is my present and my future, and I feel inspired when I think about all the great music coming from Tunisia” His ‘Factory System’ EP was a top pick amongst the major players in the game and is a personal favorite of ours. This mix carries the same great Mecnun quality with every track selection and it’s aimed directly towards the dance-floor so bump up the volume and enjoy!


We’re very proud to welcome an artist who has been supporting the label since it was just an idea. He hails from the Bronx, NY and manages two labels, LTHM & Still Play Records. Recently, he launched his own imprint, Priroslin. Prince has been on fire lately with recent releases on Baile Musik, Yoruba Grooves, Listen:React and now Osmosis Audio. His EP titled ‘My Description’ is set to release on July 11th and includes three dynamically dubbed out original cuts with expressive vocals and captivating builds and three remixes by Zafra, Eder Alvarez and Tripmastaz.

Chris Dezz

We are happy to bring you our new mix series self titled, Osmosis Audio Presents. Our first installment features label co-founder Chris Dezz. He is no stranger to the scene and when he’s not busy managing the label he is actively producing and DJing. On July 23rd, Dezz had the honor to open up for the Romanian live trio, Premiesku at Treehouse in Miami Beach.